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Playing Piano
"Life is like a piano, whatever you get from it is how you play it" Tom Lehrer

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Music Instructor

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Beginner/ Intermediate/Advanced

Piano and Flute Lessons

Focusing on Creating a Musical Experience According to the

Learning Style of the Student.




with Pearlynne

About Me

Pearlynne was blessed to have been brought up in a musically participatory, encouraged family. As a young girl, she witnessed her dad excelling with the guitar and even taking on piano lessons himself.  Her mom learned the guitar from him and as well played the autoharp.  Her sister, at that time, was learning the accordion.  So it was inevitable that all these instruments would come together for special numbers. Pearlynne, herself, played the piano and flute.

As time went by and years rolled on, Pearlynne participated in school bands and orchestras with the flute, performing in church events having taught herself the cello over a summer in Jr. High, singing in youth and adult choirs including a bell choir (along with her sister playing the clarinet and mom singing; my most fondest memories are when the three of us sang in the adult choir together as well as the Bell Choir<3)

Pearlynne has a love for music and instruments that was instilled in her from a young age from her loving , encouraging parents; giving her the skills and talents that took her on a journey through a College Music Degree and on to another God given passion of teaching.

Pearlynne Gourlie
Outstanding commitment to Music Education and teaching students having
Music Theory and Practical Qualifications in Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations  including: 

Rudiments I & II; Harmony III & IV; Grade 8 Voice; Grade 8 Piano; Grade 7 Flute;

25 years performing in various venues with piano, flute & singing;

9 years full time music studio with Honours

Music with Pearlynne| Pearlynne Gourlie | 403-805-3329 | |  

123 Kingsbridge Road SE Airdrie AB T4A 0M2

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